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Ecofones is your key online resource for reliable, environmentally-friendly used and refurbished mobile phones. Our range of mobile phones includes all major brands, from Apple to Samsung, and is backed by responsive customer service. As a wholesaler of refurbished and used mobile phones, our company is a trusted-supplier for retailers, distributors as well as other online sellers. 

Ecofones may no longer function out of a home office, but as our business has evolved, our passion for providing eco-friendly and genuine mobile phones to all our customers has deepened. We strive to make each mobile phone an efficient, responsible purchase for every Ecofones customer.  

Want to know more? We look forward to hearing from you! Call us or send us a message using the Contact Page. 

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1. Used mobile phones

2. Refurbished mobile phones 


1. Sourcing

2. Refurbishment

As a young yet agile supplier of refurbished mobile phones, we have fostered relationships with our partners to directly source mobile phones from the most reliable suppliers all over the world.
Our promise of quality assurance to the Ecofones customer means that every single device is first put through a strict, in-house grading process. The grading process involves the mobile phone being functionally tested as well as evaluated for its cosmetic outlook. 

We offer our customers the option to purchase unlocked refurbished mobile phones if they choose. Unlocked mobile phones allow users to use multiple sims with ease, especially for international travellers or entrepreneurs. Unlocked mobile phones have greater resale value if the consumer chooses to sell the handset in the future.

Our conveniently-located headquarters allows us to provide efficient logistical solutions to all our customers at the exact price - not a penny more!

Our full range of mobile phones includes unlocked phones, second-hand phones, smartphones and refurbished phones - all of these are available for purchase online or through our trusted dealers.


As global awareness about the immense distress the environment is under, be it to due to years of unregulated use and misuse of energy, irresponsible disposal of non-biodegradable waste products and other hostile practices, we at Ecofones believe it is our duty to provide an alternative. We strive to provide an environmentally-friendly solution for all of our customers looking for newer mobile phones. 

What are Refurbished Phones? Is that another way to say Second-Hand? 

No, refurbished phones are NOT second-hand phones. Refurbished phones are phones that consumers have returned because they had a minor fault or defect. It is tested by the in-house grading technicians, and then repaired completely before it is sold as a refurbished mobile phone. In most scenarios, the refurbished phone will come with the original warranty still active. 

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Phone?


  • You Save the Planet With Every Purchase:  Buying refurbished phones has a positive environmental impact as it reduces the amount of electronic waste being dumped in the already overfilled garbage dumps. The purchase of a refurbished mobile phone drives the demand down for newer mobile phones, thus increasing the life cycle of each device. As the demand for brand-new phones, fresh from the factory, lessens this also reduces the demand for the use of precious raw materials that make up the device.  By reusing a phone as many times as possible before putting it into recycling, the consumer is saving lots of energy. You are doing your part to lower the consumption of electronic devices like mobile phones and laptops by choosing a refurbished phone from Ecofones.


  • Major Savings: When buying from a reliable supplier like Ecofones, buyers have reported massive savings from opting for a refurbished phone over a brand new one from the factory. The average savings fall between 30 to 50% on each cellular handset! 


  • Cut Out the Contract: By purchasing a refurbished phone, the consumer no longer has to sign up for a lengthy, restrictive and expensive contract from a service provider. Just purchase the refurbished phone, contract-free, at the right price from a wholesaler like Ecofones, no gimmicks- no hassle! 


  • Win Big with a Better Warranty: Refurbished phones often come with better warranties than direct-from-factory, brand new phones. This is because resellers recognise that consumers may feel hesitant purchasing refurbished phone the first time around without a safety net like a strong, dependable warranty.


  • Quick & Easy Replacement Phones: In case of a mishap, like when a phone gets lost or stolen, refurbished phones are an affordable way to replace them without compromising on quality or dependability. 


  • Take It For a Test Drive: Refurbished phones are cheap enough to test out the technology without investing much of your hard-earned money. Refurbished phones allow consumers to upgrade their handsets at the pace of technology- without falling behind on the latest technology-related trends. 


At Ecofones, we take pride in our extensive in-house grading process. This quality control allows Ecofones to provide our customers with dependable, affordable refurbished or used phones, in whichever condition and quantity they require. Our trained technicians conduct the thorough testing on-site to ensure transparency and consistency throughout the grading process. If a phone is not fully functional at factory-standard, we will not sell it. 

The detailed grading process includes an assessment of over 100 different aspects of the phone - from nicks on the screen to the mobile’s operating system. Our technicians work around-the-clock to bring each refurbished mobile phone set up to factory-standard.  We only use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer parts) to repair our refurbished mobile phones; that is our Ecofones Quality guarantee.



Those mobile phones which are in pristine condition, inside and out, and have passed testing by our in-house technicians are awarded Grade A+.

They are as good as new, show no signs of wear or tear or even slight use. These mobile phones come packed like they are new, with the original boxing and accessories.


Those phones which function perfectly and pass the grading process by our in-house technicians are awarded Grade A.


These phones are as good as new and show no sign of being used neither on the exterior casing, screen nor during the operation of the mobile phone.


Those phones which function perfectly, pass the grading process by our in-house technicians and look brand-new at a glance are awarded Grade B.


Such phones may have a few light scuffs or marks on the casing or faint scratches on the screen. Grade B phones may also show discoloration or nicks near the ports or the edges due to light use by previous owner.


Those phones which function perfectly pass the grading process by our in-house technicians and look used at a glance are awarded Grade C.


There may be noticeable blemishes or nicks on the exterior casing as well as visible scratches on the phone’s screen. The area around the mobile phone’s edges and usb ports/headphone jack may show signs of heavy use.


mission & values

From our humble beginnings in a home office to today’s global online business, Ecofones has always placed a premium on conserving precious resources while providing stellar customer service.

It is our mission to consistently supply quality used and refurbished mobile phones that our customers can depend upon, no matter what the occasion.

We stand behind our promise to be eco-friendly in all aspects of our business from the corporate-level to the lab. Ecofones is committed to responsible, environment-friendly practices - from a paper-free office to using only refurbished mobile phones ourselves! We carry out recycling as a rule in all our offices and only use sustainable, recycled paper for our limited printed needs.


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